The 5 secrets to selling your home fast

I am in the top 5% of agents in Bayleys nationwide. One of the reasons I have reached that status is that I help my clients to sell their homes in the shortest possible time for the best possible price. 

If you are thinking of selling your home, here are the five secrets that will help you sell sooner and get the best possible price. 

Secret No. 1

Price your home correctly

The home is the biggest personal asset we own. Therefore we often get emotional about putting a value on it. We seem to always end up on the high side. This wastes time and money in marketing the property. I have found that the best way to price a home is to use a method of marketing that suits you and attracts a large number of potential buyers through the property in a short timeframe. This greatly increases the chances of getting the best possible price and ensures a speedy sale. 

Secret No. 2

Make sure your home is presented correctly

Make sure the home is clean and tidy. Having coffee on before an open home creates a welcoming smell. Accompany this with fresh flowers in the lounge and dining areas. Make sure the lawns are cut, fix any broken windows and have the carpet cleaned if necessary.

Touch up any deficient paintwork. This all adds to the presentation of the home. Presentation is very important. Make sure your home feels homely. Open all the curtains and blinds to ensure the home looks light and bright. If you have a tap that is leaking, get it fixed.

Visual impact to a buyer is critical. A decision is often made on first sight. Little things that only take time and that can be fixed for a small cost are the most important things to concentrate on eg. lawns, gardens, trim shrubs, wash house, clean carpets. 

Secret No. 3

Market your home correctly

Your property must be promoted to give it exposure above the other homes on the market. The buyers must be sourced and the property must have all the benefits exposed to maximum advantage. The right marketing will ensure you get a potential premium price for your property.

You should always have a professional looking signboard outside your home. Professional photographs of the interior and exterior and some good quality descriptive words are important too.

Buyers are not fools. They will not want to pay any more than recent relevant sales. If your price expectations are too high, the home will sit on the market and become stale. You will never get anyone to pay as much for a stale loaf of bread as you would a fresh loaf.

An effective marketing campaign will often eliminate this problem because of the large volume of potential buyers generated in a short timeframe and the competition this campaign will create for your property. 

Secret No.4

Handle negotiations correctly

It is often very hard to sell your own property as you are too emotionally involved and you don’t have the same negotiating power. You will often get a better result by employing the services of a professional real estate negotiator such as myself. 

Secret No. 5

Use an excellent real estate agent

People often significantly underestimate the time and effort required to sell their home when they try and do it themselves.

There are dozens of little things an excellent agent will do quickly to market and sell a home which are often not obvious to the average home owner. Many excellent agents will already have a ready pool of buyers they can show your house to. They can screen out the time wasters, reduce concerns about security and often save you a lot of time and inconvenience, 

If you have an excellent real estate agent working for you, things can move very quickly.